LA Dating Coach – SUE MANDEL

As a Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Relationship Coach for the past 30 years, I’ve helped countless individuals and couples successfully fall in love, maintain the life in their love, and repair the inevitable relationship ruptures that occur in the course of living with and loving another human being.

There are a million and one reasons why you might be on this site, but there’s only ONE reason you’ll stay on it: because you are serious about bringing true and lasting love into your life forever, once and for all. And whether you are divorced, widowed, or never been married there is absolutely NO REASON that you won’t get it if you really want it.

That sounds bold, but it’s true: If you really want to bring love into your life, there is absolutely no reason not to have it if you really want it.


Because of the brains neuroplasticity, it has the capacity to change over time as we have new experiences or do things differently in consistent, ongoing ways. This is how the brain “rewires” itself, and why it is possible to have the relationship you’ve always wanted if you truly want it. And guess what? It doesn’t only change this part of your life. It’s hard to make a shift this important and not have other parts of your life improve, too. Feeling more connected to yourself and others, having more self-confidence, and having more fun come with the territory of knowing what you want and proactively going after it.

Your brain is literally “wired for love”, but it may not be wired for the best love. YET.

Our early attachment relationships create the template for future relationships, and naturally we carry it through to our romantic patterns. But the happy news is that as you engage differently—for instance communicating based on what works from what we know about the brain, and learning how to read your dates attachment style and responding according to what you now understand about him, changes the dynamic of your relationships. From our collaboration, you will learn how to create what’s known as “earned” secure attachment. As unromantic as it may sound, understanding how your brain reacts to attraction, love, and intimacy in your significant relationships allows you to to take better control over your romantic future. Dr. Sue’s Connections is about better connecting you with yourself, your partner, and every aspect of your life.

Your love story is waiting to be written with the special partner you’ve always imagined, longed for, and deserve. Love that is exciting and joyful, made up of genuine friendship, passion, kindness, and the ability to both play and argue well together. Love that doesn’t threaten to disappear when there are conflicts. Most of all, in your love story you are free to relax in your imperfect self, with an admiring partner, and enjoy life to the fullest.

So, ask yourself, “If what I’m doing doesn’t work, why am I still doing it?” Do what works!

After all, there is no better investment for your future than YOU.