Surf Yoga

Saturday, Dec 8, 10am

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Surf Yoga takes yoga to new conscious level that focuses on balance.  Like a traditional yoga class, sessions follow a vinyasa flow but performed on the surf boards.  Because your core is constantly engaged and your focus on balancing is elevated with the unstable surface of the board, this yoga practice flows slowly with focus on every move.
It is not overwhelmingly difficult, but attention to your practice and form is key to staying on board throughout the class. This is a great beginner class for an introduction to surf inspired workouts but can be challenging enough for seasoned athletes. Find your "om" with waves that won't wash you off your board.
Hang 5 Fitness classes have been featured on CNN, Windy City Live, Fox news and ABC morning news. You will find the boards go beyond the "cool" factor or surfing and that they really are effective for improved core, balance and overall strength.