Relationship Repair Small Group Coaching

Saturday, May 25, 9:30am

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Are you looking to improve your relationship to self and others? Whether it’s conflict in a romantic relationship, family drama, or a challenging co-worker - the relationship struggle is real. Join KeyHolder, Robin Breckenridge, a PIVOT ( relational advocate, for this five-part small group coaching series designed to help you experience life and relationships from a healthy alignment by taking you through the PIVOT process. The PIVOT process is a revolutionary curriculum with proven high impact solutions. This workshop series has been thoughtfully designed and created with informational content in a small group setting which will allow for application and individualization. Please join us for this revolutionary and powerful small group series. PIVOT to less conflict and confusion and more clarity and connection!

Part 1: Whole Perspective (5/25 9:30- 12:30 am) - We will start with your relationship to self. The intention of this session is to help you see yourself from a Whole Perspective (emotionally, physically, intellectually, financially, and spiritually). When we focus only on the emotional or physical, and don’t pay attention to the other parts of ourselves, we create conflict and unmanageability. This un-manageability can lead to complications that have a huge impact on our wellbeing.

Part 2: Relational Circle Boundaries (6/01 9:30-12:30am)- In this session we will help you to examine and establish personal boundaries using our revolutionary circle boundaries concept. This workshop will help you to establish a simple way to clearly define your commitments to others. This one is a GAME CHANGER.

Part 3: Survival Patterns (6/08 9:30-12:30am)- The intention of this session is to help you identify the relational patterns that get in the way of your ability to create and maintain healthy relationships. We will do this by taking a brief look in the rear view mirror to understand the actions you have taken to manage and tolerate feelings at different stages of your life.

Part 4: #HealthyAdult (6/15 9:30-12:30am) -There are many benefits to creating what we at PIVOT call a Healthy Adult. This workshop will allow you to begin to access your highest good – the healthiest part of you.

Part 5: Attached- (6/22 9:30-12:30) - How we “show up” to ourselves and others is shaped by how we attached in relationship to caregivers. In our adult relationships, our attachment system can get activated in relationship with others. Our style of attachment touches all aspects of our relationships, from our partner selection, to how our relationships progress, to how they end. Find out your attachment style and learn how to be more secure in your relationships.

Robin Breckenridge is a highly effective educator, public speaker, and Certified Life and Relationship Coach with PIVOT ( Robin has used The PIVOT Process (a revolutionary curriculum based program designed to help people repair and restore their relationship to self and others) to help hundreds of people transform their life and relationships.