Greek Wine Education Class

Saturday, Apr 13, 5pm
The Art of Wine

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The Art of Wine Education: Greek Wine Education Class
Satisfy your inner sommelier and discover Greek international wines with The Art of Wine Education at The Art of Wine Dallas. This class is an interactive and delightful experience that will engage and entice your senses.

“Plant no tree sooner than the vine” Alcaeus, 508 BC

April 13th 2019, The Art of Wine will offer their exclusive, Greek Wine Education class

Wine was a staple of intellectual gatherings in Ancient Greece. It was with full cups in hand that artists, politicians and intellectuals formulated their masterpieces and ideas. Presently it remains a staple of Greek culture and cuisine, one that undoubtedly influenced and enhanced Western civilization.

The 2-hour workshop-style class is taught by certified international sommeliers. In each class, participants:
-Learn the importance of wine in ancient and modern Greek culture and history
-Practice the proper way to hold a wine glass
-Focus on 4 of the 300+ Greek wine grapes
-Taste several Greek wines
-Learn to appreciate and describe the sight, smell and taste of different wines
-Understand the vinification process
-Master the art of making exquisite wine and food pairings
-Can purchase the exclusive wines presented in the class

Our wine classes are fun, collaborative, and open to adults 21& over.

Explore the intricacies of food and wine with “Stephen Roussos Native Greek” why certain food and wine pairings work while others don’t, and how grape growing practices vary from one region to another.

Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your palate! Grab a date, friend, colleague or come and learn by yourself. Your newly acquired expertise will enrich your imbibing experiences and those of everyone around you!

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