Graffiti Academy

Sunday, Nov 17, 11:30am

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Graffiti 202: Intermediate Tools,Techniques & Traditions (All Ages Graffiti Classes) 

10:00am- 11:30am

The next level in learning the various aspects, skills, styles, and culture involved in the original form of public art, graffiti. Students will continue to learn the roots and history of this urban subculture and be guided, through expert instruction, to develop skills in transferring design to wall and creating a finished work using all the tools and techniques developed by graffiti artists.

Planning and developing a unique design

Transferring from a design to a wall

Completing a finished work on a wall


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Graffiti 101 Building The Foundation (All Ages Graffiti Classes) 


Students participating in the graffiti 101 workshop will learn the various aspects, skills, styles, and background knowledge involved in the public art form of graffiti as an element of hip hop. Students will learn the basic history of public name writing and early forms of graffiti, and be challenged to think critically about the ethics, aesthetics, and legality surrounding the craft. Students will be provided instruction as well as the open space to practice and develop artistically on their own and in groups using a variety of mediums ranging from pencil and markers to paint pens and spray-paint.

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