Classy Heels - Tango Technique Workout for Followers and Leaders

Tuesday, May 28, 7:30pm
Ultimate Tango
5 High Street, Medford

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Location: Ultimate Tango School of Dance, 5 High Street, basement, Medford, MA 02155

Wearing high heels already makes your stomach flatter, your legs longer, your attitude sensual, your presence visible and your femininity unstoppable. Now – make those heels serve you! Combining Argentine Tango technique, embellishments, adornos, tango elements characteristic to followers with sensual moves and performance music and idea of repetitiveness of classic aerobic workout this class is imperative for anyone who ever follows in Argentine Tango and wears high heels.

This class is meant for Followers who:

– wish to understand more about technique and timing of adornos / embellishments,

– learn more about pivoting, turns, rotations, spiral

– practice their ochos, molinetes, boleos

– make their walk looking amazing

– work on their feet and footwork

– wishes to look their best while wearing heels

– learn short solo choreographies to beautiful tango songs

Classy Heels workout will not make you sweat, but evaporate extra calories while perfecting your look.

Yes! The whole workout is in heels!

Any age (as long as you are an adult) and gender.

Minimum 2” heels required. We recommend open toe stilettos. No platform, wedges or flats allowed.

If you are Argentine Tango dancer you will benefit greatly from this class, as we will be working on esthetic and speed. If you never wear heels and never took a dance class – get reaaaadyyyyy!!!!!

45 minutes class. Arrive 5 minutes earlier to get ready.