How To Choose The Best Speed Dating Service.

So you've decided you're going to give speed dating a shot. Good start! Speed dating is a great way to meet interesting singles and connect with people you might not otherwise have been introduced to. These events can lead to serious relationships and lasting love!

Speed dating event, singles meet in a local venue and have 8 minutes pre dating to find a match. A fun way to meet single men or single women.

But how do you choose the best speed dating service for you? With so many to pick from, how can you be sure the one you opt for is the best? Here's our handy guide to choosing the right speed dating service.

A game of numbers

When it comes down to it, speed dating is all about numbers. You'll meet a certain number of people, and you'll get a certain number of minutes in which to get to know them and to gauge whether there's a real connection there. So how can you make these numbers work to your advantage?

The first thing to check out is how many people will be attending. If you're going to a speed dating event where there'll be fifty men and fifty women, chances are you'll have around two minutes at the absolute maximum to get to know them – and that adds up to more than ninety minutes of non-stop speed dating, which can be tiring!

A man and a woman have found a match, they are having a conversation after The Fun Singles Speed dating event. They both have tried online dating and now they are interested in offline dating.

If you attend a speed dating event where there are ten men and ten women, you'll have ample time to get to know each and every person. You can take your time, you won't feel under so much pressure to make an impression – you can act more like yourself, instead of a sped-up version trying to ensure you stand out in the crowd.

Bigger speed dating events might make it seem like you get more for your money – but what you really get is a rushed introduction and no time to get to know people. The Fun Singles makes the numbers work for you by providing smaller, more intimate events and charging you less than any other speed dating service.

Is the event space shared?

Check beforehand to see whether you'll be sharing the space with the general public. If it's a shared event, you may feel a little exposed, and the whole thing will have a less private atmosphere. If you have a private area dedicated to the event you're more likely to be able to relax and be yourself.

A private bar for singles events where singles meet to have a great time and find a match

What's included?

Many speed dating events have special offers for those who attend – whether it's a free drinks voucher, a selection of snacks, a small introductory session to get you in the mood, or even a free ride home with a taxi service. Some speed dating services even offer a discount code to encourage you to attend further sessions in the future. Make sure you brush up on these added extras before you choose!

Get a recommendation

Ask around your group of friends or colleagues and see whether anyone's attended a speed dating event with that particular provider, or at that particular bar. You can also seek recommendations from those you know have been speed dating – they might be able to hook you up with a hidden gem that you've not yet found in your own research.