Circle Boundaries: Establish and maintain personal boundaries

Saturday, Feb 23, 1pm

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Are you often in “emotional crisis” and find yourself falling into the pattern of over-disclosing to people you do not know well or do not feel safe with? Or on the other hand, do you lose your voice with people you are close with and find it difficult to have important and necessary conversations?

One very useful way to change relational patterns is to examine and establish personal boundaries using the amazing PIVOT Process. The Circle Boundaries model used in this workshop is a revolutionary way for you to establish and maintain emotional safety through individualized personal boundaries.

This workshop will give you a simple way to clearly define your commitments to others- and get clarity on the parameters of your relationships and simplify your life.


1. Simplification of your relational life.

2. More time for self-care.

3. More time with the important people in your life.

4. Emotional and physical safety through more appropriate disclosure.

5. Less time with people and activities that are emotionally draining.

6. Prioritized and focused use of your energy.

This workshop will be facilitated by Robin Breckenridge, CPC. Robin is a certified Relationship Coach and holds the highest level of certification in the PIVOT Process ( The PIVOT Process was established in an effort to facilitate relational change using a curriculum and an engagement system that has been helping others establish and maintain meaningful and authentic connections to self and others.