October Photo-Club

Tuesday, Oct 10, 7pm
About event

Don't forget it is free and you can bring any friends!Hosted by Ann Arbor based photographer:

Marc-Grégor Campredon

Tuesday Oct 10: "Animated objects"

What to bring? A tablet or a computer to look at the slide show (We will provide one screen).What to do now?

Rsvp - So we can save you a seat. By the way: No obligation to submit any pictures :)!

Try to send us a picture that you are proud of, and maybe one or two that you wish to improved. If possible match the Theme: of the day.Send the pictures to Mg (By email: photos@marc-gregor.com) one to three photos (highest quality possible) in JPEG (NO WATERMARK).

'We need to get the photo 24h prior to the meeting.

Since september 2017 - The location changed! Do not go to our previous location!
Please give them a follow and a like


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