Social Design Challenge: Immigration

Wednesday, Jan 16, 6:30pm

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About event

If there’s one thing we know at the SheHive it is this - a group of brave and well-intentioned women can solve just about anything. That’s why we are proudly partnering in 2019 with the Design Action Lab, a a nonprofit that aims to leverage design for social impact, to bring quarterly design challenges to the SheHive.

Join other civic-minded women, on all sides of the political spectrum, to engage in meaningful dialogue - and solutions - that address society’s most polarizing issues.

January Design Challenge: Reframing Hearts | Un-dividing a Landing of Immigrants

 Explore the polarizing facets of immigration dividing our social sea together. Facilitators will create a space for all voices to take a journey, over four weeks, through the design thinking process in this exploration. Prepare for the unexpected and emerge with new ideas and solutions redefining social constructs. Be part of a new dialog and life transforming workshop series.

:: Session 1 [01/09/19]: Empathize & Define
In this session participants will be introduced to the design thinking process and begin utilizing tools that will help Identify a common language, norms and process.

:: Workshop 2 [01/16/19]: Ideate
In this session participants will begin the process of idea generation.

:: Workshop 3 [01/23/19]: Prototype
In this session participants will begin to construct possible experiments and tests.

:: Workshop 4 [01/30/19]: Test & Retrospective
In this session participants share results, refine and rebuild.

While it is our desire that participants attend all four sessions, single session drop-ins are always welcome.

About Design Action Lab

Design Action Lab is a nonprofit that aims to leverage design for social impact. The founders of Design Action Lab will engage in this thoughtful design challenge.  Brielle Maxwell brings her heart for design thinking and user experience design. April Jefferson is joyful walking in curiosity, discovering new ways to identify needs and solve problems collaboratively with positivism as a coach leveraging Agile, Lean and UX. Together they empower others to foster their gifts for social change.