Houston Outdoors LIVE – Hiking 101 by BCO & HTXO

Wednesday, May 17, 6:45pm
Memorial Park by the rugby/soccer field parking lot
N Picnic Lane , Houston

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Houston Outdoors LIVE – Hiking 101 by BCO & HTXO

May 17, 2017 – 6:45 PM – 8:00 PM

Memorial Park by the rugby/soccer field parking lot

N Picnic Lane

Houston, TX 77007


Houston Outdoor LIVE - join us in person.  Or, check the LIVE event out online at our Facebook Live presentation.  Both events run simultaneously and you can join the Q&A online or in person.   

Each week we take a topic, drill down as quick & deep as we can, to get you up to speed and out playing.  We’ll take Q&A after the presentation to help guide everyone into outdoor summer fun mastery. 


Ever searched for “Houston Outdoor Live”? 

What comes up is eating, drinking and sitting down to listen to music.  Nothing wrong with eating, drinking or music, we LOVE all of these.  And, we want to see our Houstonian friends outside digging all this city has to offer.  With 52,912 acres of parkland, 163 miles of biking trails and 2500 miles of waterway there is no shortage of playgrounds.  BCO & HTXO are on a mission this summer to teach our friends everything they need to know to be an outdoor ninja.  (or – another sentence: we are on a mission this summer to teach you everything you need to be outdoor savvy)



May 17 – Hiking


Whether you enjoy urban hikes or backcountry treks, it’s important to know where you are going, to wear the correct clothing and shoes and have the right supplies for your adventure.? There’s a lot more to hiking than just owning a pair of hiking boots, finding the trailhead or even knowing what a trailhead is…


Topics we cover:

- Hike Safety Tips

- How to find trailheads

- Gear essentials for every trip

- Gear – how to save $$’s and corners you NEVER want to cut

- Trekking poles; how to use, size, and set up for varying terrains

- Basic exercises to get in summer hiking shape

- Basic maintenance – make your gear last a lifetime

- Trail etiquette & Leave No Trace

- Best trails in Houston & close by


You'll also be able to download the free #10Essentials for Hiking that evening - we promise to get you hike in style! 

It’s the comprehensive tip sheet for boots, gear, training, trails, safety and what to avoid. 



Ready to hit the trails?

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Walk in the Woods – May 20th




RSVP at https://kellyhoward.lpages.co/bco-live-hike-0517/ Additional info call 713-524-3567 or e-mail to info@bayoucityoutdoors.com