New York City Fashion Week Presents: American Indian Fashion Through the Feathers of Today

Tuesday, Sep 5, 5pm
The Renaissance Italianate architecture Building

About event

A great selection of native american designers  
Native American Couture, Fashion & Art, Theatrical Couture and
South, Central and North America
Great music and surprice appareances not to be missed! 

Special Presentation Shades of Diversity 

"The African Palette"

From vibrant Ready to Wear clothing to exquisite couture, 
American Indian Fashion Through the Feathers of Today 
celebrates the visual range, creative expression, and political nuance of Native American fashion.

Explore the vitality of Native fashion designers and artists from pioneering Native style-makers to maverick designers making their mark in today's world of fashion.

Featuring contemporary garments, accessories, and footwear spanning a variety of genres and materials, this fashion show features designers who traverse cross-cultural boundaries between creative expression and cultural borrowing.
 Innovative works made from a diversity of material  American Indian Fashion Through the Feathers of Today underscores Native concepts of dress and beauty, which are inextricably bound to identity and tradition yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

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