Speed Networking for LGBQT Professionals

Wednesday, Jan 16, 7pm
Smithfield Hall Bar & Lounge
138 West 25th Street, New York

Who is going

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About event

Come on out after-work for a networking social at the sleek Smithfield Hall. There will be food served while guests arrive, so you'll have time to mingle before the first networking round begins. Each guest will be given a Speed Sheet where they will select Business, Social or Romantic as an interest category for each person they meet on the speed rounds. (You do not have to select Yes for every person you meet. Selections are made at your discretion.)

 At 7:30, all guests will be asked to take their seats at the pre-assigned table number. You'll meet other guests for five minutes each and then one of you will move to the next table to meet someone new. You'll check off on your Speed Sheet  if you would like your contact info passed on to someone.

By Friday evening, each guest will receive an email with the first names and contact info of choice of the people who wished to stay in touch with them.

This is an event for LGBQTprofessionals to make social, professional or romantic connections.Cis-gender allies are welcome.


This event is for LGBQT professionals and LGBQT allies ages 25 to 45

Food will be served during check-in from 7pm until gone. 

Each guest will receive a number and first table assigment at check-in. Evens move, odds stay seated.

You are free to hand out contact information on your own, but please respect anyone's wish not to give out their contact details.