Tuesday Night After Work Cruise

Tuesday, Sep 12, 6pm

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Every time you have an epic weekend, chances are you promise yourself that you won't go out for some time. Some people like to call this "laying low," while others just say they're taking a "break" from partying. Problem is, as soon as you go through the dreaded Monday at the office that just drags as each second ticks, and Tuesday morning, which leaves you thinking the week never ends, you'll eventually feel like it's time for a drink or a break from the typical workweek routine. That's where this event comes in handy.

The Tuesday Night After Work Cruise gives you the opportunity to give your week a break from the boring and spice it up with a little entertainment. Presented by AfterWorkCruises.com, this special event features all of the amenities that you could find at your stereotypical nightlife venue on land. With a cash bar, music served up by a live DJ, and stunning views of the New York City skyline, there's not much else that you could ask for. Sure, there are awesome bars all over the city, but who wants to be cooped up when you could be enjoying some fresh air and amazing views that you can't get from a rooftop (trust us, it's a lot better from the outside in).

Here's your chance to finally spice up your workweek and enjoy an event on a Tuesday night that you can't get anywhere else. Who needs to wait until Friday to have a good time? This event is proof that you don't have to!

Boarding: 7:00pm

Departing: 7:30pm

Returning: 10:00pm

Age restrictions: 21+


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