Mindfulness for the Busy Professional

Thursday, Apr 27, 6pm

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A Mindfulness Class for the Busy Professional

Ashley Paquin is an International Life Coach and Mindfulness Teacher. In addition to a busy private practice, Ashley hosts workshops and retreats around the globe teaching the science and spirit of mindfulness. 

Ashley designs and teaches secular meditation/mindfulness classes while building a wonderful community of like-minded people. 


Because mindfulness rules.
Mindfulness allows us to think/create/rest and be better. It cultivates our highest attributes, habits and talents.
Mindfulness is about striving for wholeness, not just happiness. 


  • Those who struggle with feeling too busy, stressed, anxious and overwhelmed
  • Those looking to be healthier and happier in life, love and business 
  • Those looking for meaningful and rich lives 


This class is part guided meditation, part conversation. We'll use chairs or the floor (with yoga mats) so the experience is comfortable. 


  • You'll walk away feeling healthier, happier, calmer and more balanced
  • You'll learn very simple tools to help you respond better to life's ups and downs
  • You'll meet a wonderful community of like-minded creators, makers and professionals 
  • Classes weave in neuroscience to help train your brain so you can think clearer and make better decisions 


Dress warmly if possible. 
Bring your stressed out partners, spouses, co-workers and/or team!



You registered, but can't make it? Oh no! 

You're welcome to use your ticket for another class or sell/give your ticket to a friend. Refunds are not an option. Thank you for understaning.