Fiction & Footsies Book Club

Monday, Dec 18, 6pm
Massage by Monique
About event

Howdy folks!

This is an exclusive book club for gaining knowledge, understanding and empowerment. Our club is for the avid readers who love fictional stories. We will meet monthly on every 3rd Monday of the month (our meetings may very as our schedules do). When we meet we'll discuss, the current book, play games and select our next read. What's so special about our book club is you'll have the unique opportunity to get pampered before and/or during our meeting with an Herbal Foot Soak, a soothing neck wrap and our beverage of the month. There will also be volunteer opportunities to give back to those less fortunate. By becoming a member this club will not only stimulates your mind but also enhances and adds value to the quality of life. As a member in good standings each month you’ll be entered into our drawing for some really cool, very exclusive products. You’ll also have access to our premium partners only offered through Massage by Monique. What‘s all in the book therapy bag you wonder? Lots of goodies and goodness is the answer! Our book therapy is filled with good stuff such as book marks, book covers, mini foot creme, foot bath melts, coupons, samples, inspiration cards, and much more. We also have some great online communities. And coming soon we Will have an exclusive online meetings for those who aren’t in the neighboring area or can’t make it to the meetings can still participate in the live discussions or see what they missed.

Our monthly membership packages are as follows 

Social: Book Therapy Bag, 10% off books and services, Premium Partners. $15

Preferred: Book Therapy Bag, 15% off Book and services, Premium Partners, Herbal Foot bath. $35

Luxury: Book Therapy Bag, 20% off books & services, Premium Partners, 30 Min service. $$55

If you would like to take part in our book club, feel free to take a look at which membership option best fit your needs. To drop in one of our meetings please click on the picture and fill in your details in the form below and you will be automatically registered. You may also join us on MEETUP.

1614 X Street Sacramento, CA 95818