The Institute of Hip-Hop (Adult DJ Classes)

Sunday, Nov 10, 11am

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Registratin covers your participation in your selected workshop on June 9th, 16th, and 23rd.  

SELECT 12:00PM-1:55PM (100 Foundation Class)


2:00-3:55 (101 Fundamentals Class)


4:00pm-5:55pm (200 The Art of DJing) 


Building The Foundation (Adult DJ Classes)

Students participating in the DJ Class will learn the various aspects and practices under the umbrella of DJing, including production and related musicianship. Students will also learn methods of execution employed by DJs, producers, and musicians of other genres to enhance their experience and expand their artistic options. They will be trained in skills such as scratching, beat matching, blending, and performance skills (party style; b-boy dance; in conjunction with rap artist).

100 Foundational Class (12:00pm-1:55pm)

Recognition of the primary pioneers Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, GrandWizzard Theodore

Knowledge of the DJs' foundational role in hip hop culture and understanding the outgrowth of the culture from the art of DJing 

Ability to identify and assemble DJ set-up (turntables, needles, mixer, slipmats, speakers, stands, serato, mics, wires) 

101 Fundamentals Class (2:00pm-3:55pm)

Demonstration of basic scratches and beat-matching skills; comprehension of rhythm, timing, counting beats, bars, and measures (ex: 4/4 beats in rap music)

Ability to mix, archive and organize music (records, mp3s), recognize established genres such as soul/R&B, jazz, reggae, go-go, rock, etc.;

Beginner’s knowledge of mixing various sub-cultures such as disco, funk, electro, crunk, etc.

200 The Art of DJing (4:00pm-5:55pm)

Ability to beat-match and blend music song to song;

ability to blend music with acapella tracks to make new mixes,

Recognize obvious tempo differences between songs (BPMs)

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