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Upcoming Singles Events in Riverside

Welcome to Riverside's singles community. If you are looking for fun singles events and activities in Riverside and metro area then you are in the right place. Our events are designed to bring fun and active singles together in a safe and relaxed environment.

Join Happy Hour, Mixer, Speed Dating, Pub Crawl, Black and White Party, After Work Networking and other events. Meet a wide range of fun and active people.

A single man and a single woman have started dating after attending singles events like speed dating and singles mixer.

It’s easier than you think

Our events are a fun alternative to the bar scene and online dating. It doesn't make sense to spend days and weeks communicating online to later understand that there is no chemistry. When you join a casual and comfortable atmosphere it gets much simpler to socialize and communicate. We often have an ice breaker game that will get the conversation going. Our event hosts facilitate the entire event and make sure you have a great time.

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If you are open to meeting new people and start making new friends we offer a variety of events and activities like happy hour, mixer, speed dating and other events. Speed dating allows you to meet 8-12 singles in your age range for 5 minute mini dates. This way you can easily get to know each person and check the chemistry. 98% of attendees meet somebody that they like and want to have a second date with. With all that said, we still have a Match Guarantee promise – which means you get a free pass to the next event if you didn't meet anybody you are interested in.

Local venue where The Fun Singles host singles events like speed dating and singles mixer.

the approach

Unlike others we don't charge any upfront fees to join the club. Instead we design our events for different age groups and interests to attract different types of people. Sign up for free and find upcoming events you would like to join.

Local hotspot where singles gather on Friday night for events like speed dating and singles mixer.

the members

Much like a private club, not everyone is right for us. We routinely screen members we feel may not be a good fit for our community. If we notice somebody we don't think is a good fit with our members, we'll say 'No thank you' so you don't have to.

Singles events venues include local popular restaurants, bars, lounges, rooftops and others.

the venues

We work with the most popular venues in town to make sure you have the best experience. Most of our venues offer a full dinner menu and carry both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

During most of the events a special happy hour menu and/or a private dedicated area are available. The event hosts put a lot of effort and thinking into every single event. The goal is to create a fun and happy environment for event attendees.

Riverside Singles Spots

Our events are held at local hot spots, here are a few of them.
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