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We've hosted more than fifty events over the past year and have received great feedback from participants. We provide a relaxed environment in which meeting new people feels easy and fun.

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Testimonies & Reviews

Five star rating
Here is what some members shared with us.
  • Johannan: You all rock!! Thank you! I'll just have to make an excuse to come to Downtown :)
    Thanks again!
  • Paul: I really like your sped dating events, they are very laid back and absolutely no pressure! That's something that nobody else is doing.
  • Liz: I've attended a lot of speed dating events in different states, but your speed dating event was the most fun! I'm very impressed, love it!
  • Jessi: I really like your website and how easy it is to learn about other members!
  • Ravi: Thank you for doing this, this is a really great way of meeting new people.
  • Catherine: I really enjoyed the speed dating. You really are "the fun singles"!
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